How to take care of your Cacatoès products ?

Fancy styles

For all those who have opted for our craziest models, we also have a few tips to keep your sandals looking great all summer long! To bring your sandals back to life, simply clean them with a damp cloth and soapy water.

Plain color styles

Perfect for beach days and waterside play, these are the sandals to take everywhere with you. Water-resistant, they're also washable, so they'll look as good as new again. Simply slip your sandals into the drum of your washing machine for a 30-degree wash to restore them to their former glory! Practical for children, parents and sports enthusiasts who spend their summer on the beach.

Glittery styles

Spray your sandals with hairspray, and store them in your freezer for a few hours. This way, the glitter will set in better and your favorite pair will last longer. Please note, however, that this model is not water-resistant. To preserve them, we advise against getting them wet. When the inside of your sandals needs a little cleaning, simply rub them with a damp cloth.