A creative women, an idea

A frenzy at first, the one that immediately gets you to Brazil, with its colors and its inexhaustible energy. Then the memory of a childhood flavor: the bubble gum. Cacatoès tip-toed into life in 2015 under the leadership of its creator, always driven by a permanent need to create. Our sandals, entirely made in Brazil, adopt a urban style, with fresh colors and a sweet scent. Chic and unique, Be Cacatoès. A Brazilian inspiration with a French touch, welcome to our world !

Cacatoès production, 100% made in Brazil
Since 2013...


Jordane, the brand’s founder, just arrived in Brazil. She is inspired by what the country has to offer, she starts thinking about a new concept, making drafts, picks a name… Cacatoès is born !


The young designer returns  to her native city, Marseille, France, with her new idea. The agency is created, the first collection of a dozen colors is launched. The concept is an immediate success!


In 2021, the team is getting bigger, the brand offers a line of 130 styles and a brand-new collection of penny loafers for men is born. To be continued...


A turning point for the brand with the launch of its 7th collection and the expansion of its product line with two new summer essentials; the clutch bag and a selection of wedge sandals! New trendy and colorful collaborations will be released too for a timeless style from Brazil with love…

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