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The Cacatoès story

It's all based on a simple principle, a unique style, and a wide range of colors. 100% made in Brazil for her, for him and for their little ones.

Cacatoès are originally scented plastic slider sandals in bright colors with an authentic and well-designed feel that makes them perfect to wear during the summer.

Non-slip, water and heat resistant, sturdy and light, your feet won't resist without them throughout the summer.

Brazil is well-known for its sun, beaches, its passion for football but also for its fashion and its affection for plastic sandals. Fashion agents and producers happen to invest more and more in Brazil. Brazil proposes a fabrication, “made in Brazil” with a colourful concept. A mix of modern and traditional fashion, Brazil responds to the need of our clients. Far from glittery cliches, the Brazilian fashion offers many declinations. The Brazilian inspiration scares off other countries. Therefore, the fluo colours and tropical prints is the essential element for the European fashion. The plastic sandals and Brazilian bracelets are rare pieces. It fits perfectly, you are in the right place.

Take a look

To avoid a mistake, do not hesitate to consult the size chart Cacatoès !

Cacatoès figures...


Walk on the beach and take a look behind you : there is Cacatoès footprint !

Little present

Our Cacatoès are supplied with a genuine Brazilian good luck bracelet.