Cacatoès was born like this... 

 ... an euphoria first, the one that immediately gets you to Brazil, with its colors and its inexhaustible energy. 

Then the memory of a childhood flavor: the bubble gum. Cacatoès tip-toed into life in 2015 under the leadership 

of its creator Jordane Assouline, always driven by a permanent need to create.

Our sandals, entirely made in Brazil, adopt a urban style, with fresh colors and a sweet scent. 

Chic and unique, Be Cacatoès.

A Brazilian inspiration with a French touch, welcome to our world !

Cacatoès production

 Take a look at the production process of our sandals in our Brazilian factory

Since 2013...


Jordane, the brand’s founder, just arrived in Brazil. She is inspired by what the country has to offer, she starts thinking about a new concept, making drafts, picks a name…

Cacatoès is born !


The young designer returns  to her native city, Marseille, France, with her new idea. The agency is created, the project is taking shape.


Launch of the first line with one model available in 12 colors. It’s a success !


The agency grows, a second collection arrives ! Studs, glitters, prints are added to the sandals. The Cacatoès community is delighted !


To answer the growing demand, a third collection is launched ! More references,
more colors, more trimmings. The agency is getting bigger and bigger !


Cacatoès 4th sandals line is born together with a brand-new women mix & match bikini line. The brand starts expanding worldwide with more than 10 countries on board.


In 2020, Cacatoès launches a new collection with over 120 models. Over 500 stores and 20 countries have now adopted us !

Cacatoès in 2020...


Our sandals are entirely made of PVC, recyclable material. Crushed, micronised, regenerated or powdered,

PVC waste is revived to transform itself once again in raw material. Preserving the environment is the spirit adopted by Cacatoès !