Business Ethics Charter

Business Ethics Charter Cacatoès


Here at Cacatoès we make sure to convey values in accordance with the spirit of the company.

Respect towards our partners, our clients and the environment are essentials to us

Our Commitments

  • Our commitments towards our employees

All our employees are treated with respect and equity.

We are very much aware of the talent, the experience and the strength or our workforce

We always make sure to value work and motivation.

Our work environment is safe and healthy. Harassment, discrimination and violence are not tolerated, and the company ask of all its partners to adopt the same commitment.

We refuse the use of forced labor and child labor and we ensure that all our partners, from production to retail, do the same.

Cacatoès commits to the respect of its employee’s private life

  • Our Commitments towards our consumers

We give the best of care to our products selection. Each item is rigorously controlled to ensure the best quality. If by any chance, an item is faulty, the company promises to exchange or reimburse the goods.

  • Our Commitments towards the marketplace

Bonds between the suppliers and ourselves are entirely based on trust and respect.

We make sure to compel to the needs of our different suppliers

  • Our Commitments to the communities

Cacatoès respects all communities together with their traditions and customs

Health, Security, and environment

For the respect of the environment and protection of our customers health, Cacatoès does not use any chemicals

The quality of our products is essential to prove our commitment and respect towards our customers

Our products follow quality control and standards from production to distribution