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Business Ethics Charter

Business Ethics Charter Cacatoès


At Cacatoès, we carry values in accordance with the spirit of our company. Respect of our partners, our consumers and the environment, our commitments to the market and to the community as a whole are the key points that we ensure in our business.

Our Commitments

  • Our Commitments towards our partners

We treat each of us with fairness and respect, while remaining sensitive to the talents, experience and strengths of our diverse workforce. Our employees benefit of a safe and healthy working environment, while enhancing their working methods in order to stimulate their motivations.

Harassment, discrimination, and violence are not tolerated, and the company requires all its subsidiaries to put in place procedures to ensure that problems are resolved quickly and appropriately.

We refuse the use of forced labor. We refuse the use of child labor and make sure that our process reflect this commitment.

Cacatoès is committed to respecting the privacy of all our employees.

  • Our Commitments towards our consumers

We take great care in selecting our products. Each item is rigorously controlled to ensure you the best quality. If, however, an article is defective the company agrees to exchange or refund the article concerned.

  • Our Commitments towards the market

The links between our suppliers and our company are based on trust and respect of the law concerning our business. We are committed to being careful and attentive to our various suppliers.

  • Our Commitments to the community as a whole

We respect the communities in which we operate. Cacatoès is committed to ensuring respect for the traditions and customs of different communities with which we collaborate.

Health, Security, and environment

In terms of respecting the environment and preserving the health of our customers, we undertake not to use chemical elements to ensure the products offered to our customers.